Penis enlargement: Is Mother Nature cruel?

Penis enlargement: Is Mother Nature cruel?

Is there any proper way for penis enlargement? Can you do something that will increase your “manhood”? It got to my attention that there are no ways of enlarging your penis. Doctors don’t recommend surgery, and all other methods are unproven. As a matter of fact, even desperate patients that want to increase the size of their penis, change their minds when they have eye to eye conversation with surgeons. It’s really strange that in today’s time, with an enormous power of plastic surgery, you cannot improve your penis. However, I wanted to research other methods. The second opinion is important just like other methods in the world of medicine. You can also visit mensizematters for more info.

pills-that-make-your-dick-largerWe have pills and supplements. If you are regularly the Internet user, you surely saw online ads about pills that can produce magic and increase your penis for five and more inches. However, scientifically they are unproven. They offer you 100% efficiency and the fact is that they cannot offer you that. They can offer you for certain some side effect due to usage of these pills. However, some people say that these pills and supplements helped them, but many agree that this problem can be connected with the famous placebo effect.

Then there is penis pump. This pump, shaped like some kind of tube, can provide some results. However, they are short term. When you use this pump, it activates your blood pressure down there at your penis and it is bigger for a while. After some time, some people say an hour, the effect doesn’t last anymore. Like any other penis enlargement method, this one is dangerous as well. To be specific, you can have vascular problems if you use this pump.

Method called clamping is dodgy and unsafe. If you are interested in this technique you need to have something that will restrict your blood circulation so your penis can get increased. You can do this by putting some kind of ring to the bottom of your phallus. You can try also with tying a shoelace around you penis or tying some kind of cable. Clamping is being done when your penis is fully erected and this process can be also known in some spheres as unlimited masturbation.

However, if you use ring, there can be serious damages if the ring is stuck. So in some cases, you can remove it only by amputation. For me, clamping is not worth it.

jelq-hand-formAnother suspicious technique is jelqing. The goal of this technique is to get a natural penis enlargement. You can achieve that by “milking” your penis. That is also the second name for this technique. By squeezing your penis, there is a rise in your blood pressure and circulation and with that process, your penis can get more erection. Those who popularize this method say that this is the old way of natural penis enlargement. They say that even ancient Arabic people used this method. But, scientifically there is no evidence that this technique works. Even doctors say that this technique can be dangerous for blood vessel. Turns out that Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes.

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